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Welcome to our new Honours student - Simon Roach!

In this post our new Honours student, Simon Roach, will introduce himself and share what brought him to research with our team!

"My first memories of being interested in wildlife began as a kid, watching as many nature shows on T.V. as I could. Although I didn’t quite yet know a career in wildlife conservation was possible, I would soak up as much information as possible, and my T.V. addiction slowly progressed into collecting animal books, visits to Australia Zoo and undertaking science classes in school. It was around 10th grade (high school) where I really began to envision turning my childhood passion into a career in wildlife conservation. I enrolled in as many science classes as I could from that point on."

"I undertook my Bachelors degree in Science, double-majoring in Wildlife and Marine Biology, in 2018 at Griffith University. Over the course of my degree I learned about the intricacies of the environmental systems that I had been so fascinated by as a boy. Not only did I gain the knowledge to pursue the career I had always wanted, my desire to do so was stronger than ever. To reaffirm this passion and gain some valuable skills, I also volunteered at The Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary over the latter course of my undergraduate degree. During this time, I gained valuable connections and insight into the workings of wildlife sanctuaries, gained many skills in animal husbandry and learnt to work in professional collaboration with sanctuary staff and volunteers."

"Studying at Griffith has helped me to prepare for undertaking my Honours project by providing me with many research, laboratory and practical skills. These skills culminated into my capstone project in the final year of my degree, where I would study the effects of anthropogenic disturbance on aquatic macroinvertebrates. This project required organised planning, ability to work in a team, practical and research skills along with succinct written and statistical analysis of the findings. Completing this project to a high degree was a good indicator that I was able to scope for a project, and use the necessary skills to produce valid results from it, much like an Honours degree."

"When I’m not engaging in study or volunteering, I enjoy relaxing in the form of playing basketball or chess. I find this enjoyable and a good way to maintain a healthy work / life balance by exercising both the body and mind."

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