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Posters presentation at ZSL symposium in London!

Last week, Maria and Thais presented their posters at the Zoological Society of London symposium “Mitigating single pathogen and co-infections that threaten amphibian biodiversity” in London, UK.

Maria showed her new project in collaboration with the Wildlife Ecology and Health group (Autonomous University of Barcelona, UAB; that aims to monitor the health of amphibian populations across Catalonia, an area with great amphibian diversity in Europe.

Thais presented preliminary results of a quantitative systematic literature review on factors influencing different disease outcomes among amphibian populations.

The symposium also counted with two days of presentations from renowned researchers on topics such as efforts to conserve amphibians and mitigate disease patterns, rebounding frog populations, innovations on tracking and mapping disease distribution, and co-infection of Bd and ranavirus.

Thais and Maria also had the chance to catch up with Cherie Briggs after her talk on which different outcomes we can observe once naïve populations are affected by Bd.

Cherie Briggs, Thais and Maria

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