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Our team presents June's Gecko Community talk at Currumbin RSL!

An interview with Dr. Laura Grogan on ABC Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast News Radio ensured that we had a magnificent turnout for this month's Gecko (Gold Coast and Hinterland) Environment Council Association talk at the Currumbin RSL club on Wednesday evening (23 June, 2021)!

Laura introduces the problem of chytridiomycosis (photo by Chantal Lanctot)

After Laura gave an overview on the problem of chytridiomycosis (frog chytrid fungal disease), four of our students (Josie Humphries, Thais Sasso Lopes, Matthew Mangan, Stephen Molan, see image below), gave excellent presentations to tell us about their research!

Students from our team who presented and their research topics.

Josie Humphries also put together an engaging brochure to share our work with the public (see below)!

Congratulations, especially to our students, for so effectively engaging members of the community with our research and educating the public on the threats facing our amphibians!

Stephen Molan presents (photo by Thais Sasso Lopes).
Matt Mangan presents (photo by Thais Sasso Lopes).
Laura Grogan presents (photo by Thais Sasso Lopes).

You can find out more about the Gecko Community Environment Council, and sign up to attend their upcoming talks here:

Many thanks to the Queensland Frog Society Inc. ( for allowing us to distribute some of their educational pamphlets to those who attended!

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