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Natalie McLeod


BEnvSc (Ecology & Conservation / Environmental Management)

Cert IV VN (Wildlife / Small Animal)


Honours student (Griffith University)

Contact details

School of Environment and Science,

Griffith University, Gold Coast campus,

Science 1 (G24), Parklands Dr, Southport, QLD 4222

Email: natalie.mcleod"at"


I’m an honours student at Griffith University working under the supervision of Dr. Laura Grogan, Dr. Chantal Lanctot and Dr. Clare Morrison, and external supervision of Harry Hines (Senior Conservation Officer, Ecological Assessment Unit, Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service and Partnerships, Department of Environment and Science). I will be investigating the call phenology and population ecology of the critically endangered Kroombit Tinker Frog (Taudactylus pleione).


I completed my Bachelor of Environmental Science at Griffith University, graduating with Distinction in 2021. For my final year thesis, I examined bird-habitat associations in the semi-arid Mulga Lands of south-west QLD. I also completed work placement with the City of Gold Coast Priority Species Management Team, where I evaluated the impact of a community education campaign on responsible pet ownership in koala habitat areas.


I have a background in veterinary nursing and so since finishing my bachelor’s degree, I’ve enjoyed caring for the sick, injured and orphaned native animals admitted to the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital. By undertaking an honours research project, I hope to further develop the field surveying and sampling, data analyses and scientific writing skills needed to ultimately land my dream job wildlife ecologist / conservation biologist.

Research Overview

My honours research will examine patterns in Taudactylus pleione calling using bioacoustics data collected by QLD Parks & Wildlife Service from monitoring sites within the Kroombit Tops National Park. I aim to use mathematical modelling to understand the spatial and temporal variation in T. Pleione site occupancy and breeding activity. It is my hope that the findings will add to the scientific understanding of this cryptic species and prove useful in its management.

Research Keywords

Wildlife conservation, bioacoustics monitoring, call phenology, population ecology, mathematical modelling

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