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Kaitlyn Pruss


Research Special Topic 3922ESC undergraduate alumna

Contact details


School of Environment and Science,

Griffith University, Nathan campus,

170 Kessels Road, Nathan,

Queensland, Australia, 4111

Email: kaitlyn.pruss"at"

Research Overview

I am an environmental science student in the last semester of my degree, undertaking a special research topic on rainforest stream habitats under the supervision of Dr. Laura Grogan and Prof. Hamish McCallum. This research aims to understand the impacts that anthropogenic activities such as road construction and clearing of riparian vegetation have on fragile rainforest stream habitats. As part of the frog research team, I also accompany PhD candidate Thais Sasso Lopes on field trips to nearby rainforests to undertake frog occupancy surveys, swabbing for amphibian chytridiomycosis, and assisting with eDNA sampling.


My focus is on freshwater ecology, with the aim of improving waterway and ecosystem health. As part of my studies, I have completed detailed water quality assessments of Loders Creek on the Gold Coast and Smiths Lake in the Great Lakes Region of NSW. I am interested in all things relating to the natural world, and I spend my time volunteering with local catchment organisations in areas such as bush rehabilitation, fauna spotting, and water quality monitoring. I am also undergoing training for surveying stream macro-invertebrates as indicators of waterway health, and I aim to use this knowledge to improve local water quality monitoring programs.

Career Goals

I am interested in pursuing a varied career as an environmental scientist, contributing to research and actively participating in local conservation efforts. I believe this kind of work suits my personality and ideal working environment, where I am able to continually learn and develop new skills, while helping to improve the state of the environment.

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