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I am a fourth-year undergraduate student, completing a double degree in Science and Business, where I major in Wildlife Biology, having a love for all wildlife and its conservation. I have joined the Frog Research Team to undertake my Science Capstone research project over two trimesters where I will be working under the supervision of Drs. Laura Grogan and Chantal Lanctot, PhD student Preeti Sharma as well as working with another undergraduate student Jordan McGrath.

Research Overview


I will be investigating the interactive effects of the chytrid-causing Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis and the fire-fighting chemical PHOS-CHeK LC95 on the Fleay’s Barred Frog (Mixophyes fleayi).


Throughout my project I will complete a written report and present a poster about our findings in the hope to help with the conservation of amphibians.


Amelia Cook

Current position

Bachelor of Science major: Wildlife Biology (Currently undertaking research project for Science Capstone) and Bachelor of Business major: Real Estate and Property Development 

Contact details


School of Environment and Science,

Griffith University, Gold Coast Campus,

Parklands Drive, Southport, Queensland, 4222

Email: amelia.cook"at" 


Career Goals

Upon graduation I hope to follow my passion to help with the conservation of endangered wildlife species.

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